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The story of Imbema. This is who we are (want to be) – our brand values

70 years of Imbema. In this time of change, this is unique. Looking towards the future, we aim to preserve what is good. Our core values form our basis. 

We must remain flexible and agile to respond to the changing market needs. To be relevant in the future we have to innovate, and meet our customers’ expectations. And even exceed them! We have to keep in mind that what is valuable to our customers, is also valuable for the continuity and the future of Imbema. We invest in sustainable relationships with our employees and customers. We work with high-quality products and supply services with added value. Efficient, customeroriented processes form the basis.

The World around us is changing fast. Connectivity, the extent to which the world is interconnected, plays an even greater role. Teamwork is important. Respect for one another’s expertise and viewpoints and listening to each other form the basis to go forward. Together we make a difference! We are enthusiastic and motivated to share our expertise and experience with our teams, our colleagues, our customers and partners. We see things from a different perspective. We are market-focused. We listen to our customers and understand their organisations and their markets and help them find the best solution. We offer service, insight, overview and security. The Imbema customer is in control: anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

Connecting people, knowledge and experience to achieve results are what motivate us. With our valuable and relevant solutions we contribute to the success of our customers. That is what we believe in.