PT. Imbema Pacific Indonesia, has over 30 year experience in advising and implementing anti-corrosion measurements for steel jetty piles. 
Corrosion rates in the tropical on-/offshore environment are extremely high. Based on a study by the University of Surabaya, without any protection, the steel wallthickness of an unprotected jetty pile in Indonesia will on average reduce0.02-0.20 mm/year on the sea bottom, 0.05-0.07 mm/year on the top of the pile, but even 1.5-1.75 mm/year in the splash zone.

Note: This average reduction of the steel wallthickness is an accumulation of corrosion from the outside as well as from the inside of the steel piles


When investigating quite a lot of jetties all over this country, we find that many jetties are not constructed with corrosion protection in mind. It seems that the owners fully trust their consultants and builders on their word and they should point out the importance of the protection of steel. 

Many previously built jetties have already suffered heavy corrosion damage due to poor workmanship in the field of corrosion protection and lack of professional maintenance. (examples of unprotected jetty piles)

To avoid thickness reduction of the steel wall of the piles we offer the following“all in one” products and solutions for new and existing jetty piles:


  1. Splash zone protection Systems for protection of the Splash Zone of the piles
  2. Advanced Cathodic Protection of the piles (e.g. Transformation Rectifier Units–TRU’s and Anodes)
  3. Internal Corrosion protection of the piles (e.g. Denso Inhibitors)
  4. Pile Cap protection of the piles (e.g. Splash zone protection Systems)


As PT. Imbema Pacific Indonesia we recommend the following steps for  corrosion management for existing steel jetty piles:

1. Survey and report/budget analysis
2. Product selection/production
3. Technical adjustment existing jetties
4. Application


Survey on existing Jetties

For existing jetty piles we can conduct a survey – at cost - by our experienced engineers to do a comprehensive analysis of the installation at your site and advise you what needs to be done to extend the lifetime of the jetty piles in case the current protection is not adequate.

survey on existing jetties survey on existing jetties survey on existing jetties


Main Survey activities (In general)

1. Splash Zone Protection

  • To determine visual status of current coating systems
  • To determine the current thickness of individual piles of the Jetty by means of ultrasonic testing

2. Cathodic Protection

  • Check current status of Cathodic protection
  • Measurements of protective potential by means of reference and voltage meter
  • Check on presence of bonding between piles

3. Internal Corrosion

  • A random check on a percentage of the piles on the internal corrosion status to determine if corrosion control by means of inhibitors is necessary and/or required

4. Pile Cap

  • To determine visual status of current Pile Cap

 Survey activities Survey activities Survey activities

Survey Reports

For every item we will prepare a survey report with findings and recommendations in accordance with the international NACE International standards.


More Information

We shall be pleased to explain more in detail the survey activities, equipment/ resources to be used and what you can expect in the survey reports.

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