Splash zone protection Systems are a series of systems offering a long-term,cost effective and easily to apply method for the control of corrosion for steel, concrete and timber structures in the splash and intertidal zones.

Corrosion rates in the tropical on-/offshore environment are extremely high. Based on a study by the University of Surabaya, without any protection, the steel wallthickness of an unprotected jetty pile in Indonesia will on average reduce0.02-0.20 mm/year on the sea bottom, 0.05-0.07 mm/year on the top of the pile, but even 1.5-1.75 mm/year in the splash zone. 

Note: This average reduction of the steel wallthickness is an accumulation of corrosion from the outside as well as from the inside of the steel piles.




The Splashzone area is the most severe place on the pile for corrosion damage. Based on field experience most of the new jetties are not getting appropriate corrosion protection during the construction. As an example, recently we measured a 4.8 mm steel wallthickness in the Splashzone area of steel piles built 7 years ago, whereas the original thickness was 12 mm. (examples of unprotected jetty piles)


The Splash zone protection Range 

seals out oxygen and water effectively, stopping corrosion on steel surfaces. The systems forms an anti-corrosion barrier by displacing water and forming a moisture-resistant bond. A tough outercover surrounds this component to protect against weathering and mechanical damage.

The systems also prevents spalling and corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete piles.

The Splash zone protection Systems can be used on offshore platforms legs, risers, wharf piles and exposed piping in the splash and tidal zones. 

The systems can accommodate piles with cylindrical and hexagonal (Splash zone protection Series 2000FD®) sections as well as support members and bracings.

Other Splash zone protection Systems with different specifications and use are also available. Information available on request.


 Splash zone protection Series 2000FD® System

Splash zone protection Series 2000FD® System


Features Splash zone protection Systems (In General)


 "The Splash zone protection System is ideal for harsh (tropical) environments where conditions are too severe for paint systems, epoxies and other conventional forms of protection" 

From article in "Underwater Magazine", which is the official publication of theAssociation of Diving Contractors International

Our products and services are in accordance with the international NACE International standards. Please click here to download a copy of NACE 2002 Paper 02214: In Situ Protection of Splash Zones - 30 Years on


Survey on existing Jetties

For existing jetty piles we can conduct a survey by our experienced engineers to do a comprehensive analysis of the installation at your site and advise you what needs to be done to extend the lifetime of the jetty piles in case the current protection is not adequate. Read more about Survey on Jetties  .....


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We shall be pleased to explain more in detail about Splash Zone Protection and anti-corrosion products and services, as well as to work together with you to find appropriate and cost effective solutions for your or your customers’ anti-corrosion problems and issues.


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